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Articles on Relationships and Couples Therapy


Anatomy of Conflict Don’t Blame Me Revitalizing Passion in Your Relationship Transforming a Stuck Relationship Conflicts in Love Relationships

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Is Couples Therapy Right for You?


As the famous 1960's tune goes, "Breaking up is hard to do." But staying together can be just as challenging. The number of couples seeking counseling has increased in recent years as the stigma surrounding the practice has faded, according to psychologist and University of Minnesota professor William Doherty. And it's not only women who [...]

Is Couples Therapy Right for You?2018-01-31T16:55:54+00:00

When is it really time for couples therapy?


(CNN)I'm often asked when couples should consider therapy. It's common for one partner to be unhappy, feel disconnected or feel that their needs for intimacy aren't being met. But rather than communicate about it, that partner may open up a metaphorical window with someone else and begin an affair. By the time the couple comes [...]

When is it really time for couples therapy?2018-01-31T16:42:27+00:00

Does Couples Therapy Work?


WE’VE all had that horrible experience: you throw a party or invite a couple over for dinner, and they start fighting, right there in front of you — the character assassination, the barely controlled anger, the neurotic transference of their cooled sexual attraction onto, say, the hygiene of the family dog, all of which makes [...]

Does Couples Therapy Work?2018-01-31T16:40:27+00:00

The Futility of Couples Therapy


We hadn’t been married that long when we first sought the help of a couples therapist. Our son was a toddler. I remember that the therapist had covered an entire wall of her office in framed photographs of the same black horse. It seemed borderline obsessive to me, but what did I know? I was [...]

The Futility of Couples Therapy2018-01-31T16:35:57+00:00

It’s Time To Stop The Stigma Around Couples Therapy


As a couples therapist, “We came in before there was a real problem” is music to my ears. This very wise couple doesn’t wait until a crisis hits. No one is flirting with a coworker. Vicious, repetitive arguments aren’t heard late at night. Or worse, silence hasn’t crept into their marriage. If only this couple were the norm. Many [...]

It’s Time To Stop The Stigma Around Couples Therapy2018-01-30T19:05:41+00:00
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